Water Treatment and Filtration

Water treatment is essential for ensuring high-quality water. Before recommending a treatment system, the water must be analysed comprehensively by a professional laboratory. It is crucial to know what’s in the water before running it into your home or business premises.

Based on your water test results, we can tailor a treatment system to suit your intended use.

In addition to filtration, we can assist with pH correction and stabilisation, iron removal, water softening and disinfection, and reverse osmosis systems.

Contact us if you need assistance with a water analysis, allowing you to make an informed decision about your treatment and filtration requirements.

  • How much water will you need at peak times?

  • What are the iron and manganese levels? These are common problems which lead to staining of laundry and bathroom fittings.

  • Is the water corrosive?

  • Is there bacteria in your water, and how should it be sterilised?

  • Will a water softener be needed?

  • How much maintenance will be needed?

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