Remote monitoring solutions add real value by allowing users to check on their tank levels, water use, flow rates, conductivity, pH and other parameters, on their mobile phones, from anywhere in the world.

Automated alerts give forewarning if levels are out of spec, a sensor goes offline, or if a preset value is reached.

Useful information

Remote monitoring of your water system, from the comfort of your home or office, can provide useful information such as the level of your rainwater tank or the amount of water used by a household.

Business-critical information

Your business may be dependant on a reliable water supply.  Remote monitoring can give you a “heads-up” if tank levels run low, the water treatment system fails, or provide leak detection to avoid flood damage.

Important water quality indicators such as pH, conductivity, or ORP can be monitored for quality control, disinfection, or to prevent damage from corrosion to piping and equipment.

Systems are custom-designed according to our client’s priorities and budget. Critical parameters can be implemented first and additional parameters can be included at a later stage, as requirements change or finances allow.

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