Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater run-off is too often wasted. This resource can be used for filling pools, watering the garden, flushing toilets or running home appliances.

Although installing a rainwater tank is easy and effective, a few variables should be considered before placing your order:

  • What size tank should you buy?

  • What are you planning to use the water for, and how fast will your household use it?

  • How much space do you have for a tank?

  • How accessible is the installation area from where a tank would be delivered by road?

  • Would you need a concrete base to stand it on?

  • Will the tank be a backup to the municipal supply, or your primary source of water?

  • What pump would you need?

  • What happens to the overflow water when your tank is full?

EarthSmart can help you answer these questions, while determining the best approach to meet your water security needs.

Every home is different, necessitating customised quotations. From contrasting requirements to harvesting potential, house layout, and intended use, numerous considerations must be made when quoting on a rain harvesting system.

When collecting rainwater, the cleaner the water in the tank, the less treatment is required before it is suitable for use in the home. To improve water quality, it is essential to minimise the amount of debris entering the tank.

This can be achieved by installing the following items:

  • Gutter mesh to keep leaves out of the gutters;

  • A rain head (“leaf eater”) to catch leaves and other large debris;

  • A “First Flush” diverter preventing the initial flow of dirty water from entering your tank (this first flow of water may contain dust, bird droppings, insects, etc. from the roof);

  • A tank screen to collect any finer debris before it enters the tank; and

  • A tank gauge to monitor the water level inside your tank; or even a wireless tank gauge to monitor the tank’s level from the comfort of your lounge or kitchen, even during a downpour!

Leaf catcher in a rainwater harvesting solution
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