Water Solutions

Demand continues to grow, and supply continues to diminish, and we’re becoming increasingly aware of the need to conserve our natural resources. EarthSmart was established to facilitate these conservation efforts and is dedicated to providing customers with sustainable solutions, which drive water and power security, comfort and quality.

Through water collection and distribution, water treatment and filtration, the EarthSmart team delivers reliable solutions for water comfort and security.

We believe that by assisting our clients to harness natural resources, not only is their own water security ensured, but the reduction in demand on the municipal water supply contributes to the wellbeing of the greater community.


EarthSmart offers water, ozone and remote monitoring solutions to homes and businesses predominantly in the Cape Town area.


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Why EarthSmart Technologies?

The EarthSmart team strives to add value at all interactions:

  • Our solutions are innovative and custom designed.

  • We provide complete solutions, from design to implementation.

  • We take pride in our solutions and strive for client satisfaction.

Tank Level Monitoring