Water treatment for your home

For the most part, your body consists of water. It makes sense to provide it with the healthiest water you can!

In Cape Town we are fortunate to generally have great water supplied to us by the municipality, but in places the infrastructure is ageing. Burst pipes may result in repairs needing to be carried out, and possible contaminants can be carried through to your home.

Although chlorine performs a valuable task in disinfecting municipal water on its way to your home, it’s a chemical that many people would prefer to avoid ingesting.

If you really want to be sure of your water quality, take control by installing an under-counter unit or a whole-house filtration system.

Under-counter home water filtration systems are available from basic sediment and chlorine removal, to reverse osmosis and remineralisation systems.

Use the same technology used by water bottling companies and soft-drink manufacturers the world over, in the comfort of your own home.

Contact us to find out about options for sediment filtration, chlorine removal, and disinfection systems to improve the taste and safety of your water.

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