In-Tank Ozone Bubbler, 1 Gram on Air (Weatherproof Box)

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Rainwater is easily contaminated with pollutants due to the exposure of your roof to the elements. Even with good rain heads and first flush diverters, bacteria, viruses and protozoa can be carried into your tank through bird droppings and other animal activity on your roof.

Make sure that your water is safe to use in the house by disinfecting it before it even gets to your filtration system. Ozone will help to keep the water fresh, get rid of odours, and help to reduce colour in the water by oxidising organic matter.

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Use the same technology that bottled water companies use, to make sure that the water in your rainwater tank is disinfected and fresh, with an in-tank 1 Gram Ozone Bubbler. Also available in a 3.5 gram per hour version.

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