Leaf Eater Slimline

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Improve the quality of the rainwater you harvest. Keep leaves and debris out of your pipes and tank to help to prevent clogging, anaerobic fermentation and tannin leaching. Importantly, a good quality rain head will also keep mosquitoes and other vermin out of your rain harvesting system.

The Leaf Eater Ultra rain head is packed full of leaf shedding technology to maximise the volume of water you collect while still handling high flow rates. The patented Hydro Active Filtration™ screen vibrates for maximum leaf shedding, while larger leaves and debris are deflected before they even reach it by the Leaf Slide “fingers”.

Less obtrusive than traditional rain heads, the sleek cover and casing offer a contemporary look to blend with your home. Compatible with horizontal and vertical pipe outlets, it can even be installed mid-way down your pipes on “dry” rain harvesting systems for easier maintenance.

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The Leaf Eater Slimline is a sleek, streamlined rain head with an anti-splash cover. The Slimline is ideal for decks, verandas, posts and aesthetically-sensitive homes.

The Slimline fits a 90mm pipe.

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