E.sybox Mini 3

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Variable speed pump

E.sybox Mini 3 has a different appearance to any other booster set and is small and completely integrated. Once you install and use it, you realize that the real difference is in the comfort and performance.

E.sybox Mini 3 uses the most advanced DAB technologies to create constant pressure according to the system demands and thus an optimization of energy consumption.

Suitable for use with potable water, in domestic systems and gardening applications.

The new 3-rotor model ensures further noise reduction and energy consumption.

Managing the water pressure in your home has never been so simple and quiet.

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OPERATING RANGE: flow rate up to 80l/min; head up to 55m
PUMPED LIQUID: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, non viscous, non aggressive, non crystallized and not chemically neutral
LIQUID TEMPERATURE RANGE: from 0°C to + 35°C for domestic use and from 0°C + 40°C for other use

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