Automatic Backwash Valve – Runxin F67C1

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F67C Automatic Multiport Filter Valves

The F67C1 automatic multiport filter valve features a flow rate of 4m³/h. It adopts a planar and corrosion-resistant gasket for opening and closing. The different functions of service, backwash, and fast rinsing can be set easily. The F67C1 is a timer clock type.

Product Characteristics

  • Simple structure and reliable sealing: It adopts hermetic head faces with a high degree of corrosion resistance for opening and closing. It provides Service, Backwash, and Fast Rinse cycles.
  • No water passes the valve in rinsing in single tank type
  • Manual function: Rinse immediately by pressing “Manual/Return” at any time.
  • Long outage indicator: If a power outage lasts longer than 3 days, the time of day indicator “12:12” will flash to remind people to reset the time of day. The other set parameters do not need to be reset. The process will continue to work after power on.
  • LED dynamic screen display: The stripe on the dynamic screen flashes to indicate that the control valve is in service; otherwise, it is in the rinsing cycle.
  • Buttons lock: If there is no operation of the buttons on the controller after 1 minute, the button lock indicator light comes on to indicate that the buttons are locked. Press and hold the “Up” and “Down” buttons for 5 seconds to unlock. This function can avoid incorrect operation.
  • Rinsing frequency: One can set multiple rinsing times, which means several cycles of backwash and fast rinse. It is much better for cleaning the filter materials.
  • Remote handling input: This connector can receive external signals, used together with a PLC or computer etc. to control the valve.
  • Interlock function: The interlock function allows only one valve to go into the rinse cycle while the other valves are in service. If there are several valves parallel in a system. In multi-step treatment systems such as RO pre-treatment, when several valves are in series, only one valve will rinse to ensure passage of water all the time while different valves are rinsing.


Model F67C1(53504)/F67C3 (53604)
Regeneration Time clock type / meter type
Mount type Top mount
Inlet/outlet 1″F
Drain 1″F
Mounting base 2.5″-8NPSM
Riser pipe 1.05″OD
Flow rate 4m³/h
Filter tank 6″–12″
Water pressure 0.15-0.6MPa
Water temperature 5-50℃
Water turbidity <20FTU
Power adapter Input AC100~240V/50~60HZ Output DC12V/1.5A
Application Activated carbon filter, sand filter
Typical filter media AFM, Quartz sand, activated carbon

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