• F67C Automatic Multiport Filter Valves The F67C1 automatic multiport filter valve features a flow rate of 4m³/h. It adopts a planar and corrosion-resistant gasket for opening and closing. The different functions of service, backwash, and fast rinsing can be set easily. The F67C1 is a timer clock type.

    Product Characteristics

    • Simple structure and reliable sealing: It adopts hermetic head faces with a high degree of corrosion resistance for opening and closing. It provides Service, Backwash, and Fast Rinse cycles.
    • No water passes the valve in rinsing in single tank type
    • Manual function: Rinse immediately by pressing “Manual/Return” at any time.
    • Long outage indicator: If a power outage lasts longer than 3 days, the time of day indicator “12:12” will flash to remind people to reset the time of day. The other set parameters do not need to be reset. The process will continue to work after power on.
    • LED dynamic screen display: The stripe on the dynamic screen flashes to indicate that the control valve is in service; otherwise, it is in the rinsing cycle.
    • Buttons lock: If there is no operation of the buttons on the controller after 1 minute, the button lock indicator light comes on to indicate that the buttons are locked. Press and hold the “Up” and “Down” buttons for 5 seconds to unlock. This function can avoid incorrect operation.
    • Rinsing frequency: One can set multiple rinsing times, which means several cycles of backwash and fast rinse. It is much better for cleaning the filter materials.
    • Remote handling input: This connector can receive external signals, used together with a PLC or computer etc. to control the valve.
    • Interlock function: The interlock function allows only one valve to go into the rinse cycle while the other valves are in service. If there are several valves parallel in a system. In multi-step treatment systems such as RO pre-treatment, when several valves are in series, only one valve will rinse to ensure passage of water all the time while different valves are rinsing.
  • Reverse osmosis filters use high pressure to push water through a very fine membrane, and can filter particles down to 0.001 microns in size. It removes salts, metals, sediment and bacteria. This unit has an 11 litre storage tank, and can produce approximately 7 litres of ultra-pure water per hour for drinking and cooking. It has an integrated pump for boosting low pressure, sediment and charcoal filters for pre-filtration and chlorine removal, and a charcoal post treatment filter. Contact us for an installation quote.
  • Reverse osmosis filters use high pressure to push water through a very fine membrane, and can filter particles down to 0.001 microns in size. Filtration by this method removes salts, metals, sediment and bacteria. The ZIP unit (Zero Installation Purifier) is an easy-to-use, portable, counter top purifier which produces the highest quality purified water.
    • Simply fill the container and in minutes enjoy a fresh supply for pure water.
    • Perfect for students and renters who can take with them whenever they move.
    • Save time, effort and money with DIY twist-off filters.
    • For outdoor use, ZIP can operate from a car's cigarette lighter, 12V power plug.
    • Environmentally friendly.  50% recovery rate.  Pure water : concentrate = 1 : 1.
    • 100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation.

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